Derby was founded in 1940 as a wholesaler of luxurious ironmongery. In 1956, all of the activities the company conducted ceased, but the Razor factory continued to strive and in 1970, the factory of the Razor brand had incorporated. Unfortunately, in 1987, this factory had come to an end, but in 1987 the company expanded into producing disposable lighters.

In 1997, the production of Razors started again in their Turkey Tuzla facility, which included the following products: DERBY SINGE BLADE (D-1), DERBY TWIN BLADE (D-2), DERBY BATHROOM (single blade body shaver), DERBY EXTRA (standard double edge stainless Razor) and DERBY PROFESSIONAL (stainless custom Razor for barbers). The company continued to expand when in 2000 they began production of the Samurai 2 and Samurai 3 razors. In the same year, the company expanded by launching a cosmetics department that included shaving creams and foams. Then in 2010, they continued to expand the brand by introducing an aftershave product.

Derby is very well known for their standard double edge blades that will fit any double edge safety razor. The Derby razor blades are stainless steel and they are coated with a chromium-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum. This will ensure a smooth and safe shave that will make sure your skin remains irritation-free. Derby uses the most advanced equipment to maintain quality as each blade is perforated, hardened, and ground.

Obtaining a quality shave is very important and Derby Razor Blades ensure that each shave is smooth to prevent razor burns. Each of the razor’s come individually wrapped to ensure the protection of the product and prevention of any nicks or cuts on the skin. Derby allows the world of luxury shaving to provide an optimal way to keep your skin protected while shaving. Derby has created a great brand that can be used all over the world to obtain the perfect shave.